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Main representative for Bulgaria


Paper Industry, logging and wood processing

REMOTERM has experience in dealing with logging, woodworking and paper-producing plants as well as those engaged in printing production. The main activity that is being done is maintenance. In addition, Remotem is a supplier of welding equipment and consumables. Our company also provides repair services by means of powder welding of large-scale, expensive and precise parts such as bearing jornals for vacuum pumps, drying cylinders, exhaust shafts, welding of hydraulic grabs rotors, hydromotor axes, recovery by arc welding of worn large- parts of timber cutting machine, hydraulic cylinder welding, screw conveyors, etc.

Part of our clients are Velde Bulgaria JSCo (former Lesoplast JSC), Kastamonu Bulgaria JSCo, Pirin Pellet Ltd, Mondi Stamboliiski JSCo, Svilocell JSCo, Kostenets HHI JSCo, DS SMIT BULGARIA JSCo, etc.