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Repair and maintenance welding, brazing and thermal powder spray for hard weldable parts, assemblies, aggregates and very responsible facilities; Preventive wear-resistant coatings; Mechanical processing; Production and maintenance of metal structures.


- Manual arc welding (EutecTrodes®)

- Semi-automatic welding and welding with cored wires (EndoTec® and CastoMag®)

- Welding and welding with self-protection tubular wires (TeroMatec®)

- TIG welding and weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals (CastoTig®)

- Hot powder welding and weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals (Eutalloy® and Superjet®)

- Flame cold processes (RotoTec®, ProXon® and CastoDyn®)

- Flame soldering with soft and hard alloys (TeroCote® brazing)

- Surfacing by thermal spraying (EuTronic Arc®)

- Plasma welding and brazing (EuTronicGAP®)

- High velocity welding HVOF

- Metal adhesives (MeCaTeC®)

- Wear plates and pipes (CDP® plates andCastoTube®)