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Energy Industry

REMOTERM Ltd has performed numerous maintenances and has supplied various kinds of materials for companies in the energy industry. Some of them are:

TPP AES - Galabovo - ​​Repair of abrasion resistant coating in the conical part of boilers 1 and 2 by the method "Twin Wire Arc Spray Process" - Thermal spray coatings produced by the circulation of the electrically conductive wire, melted by an electric arc and transported trough compressed air onto the prepared surface.

Maritza Еast 2 – Kovachevo village, Stara Zagora - supply of wear resistant plates for grinding blades of impeller

NPP Kozloduy – the town of Kozloduy - supply of electrodes, welding wire and welding materials

Energo-Pro Bulgaria EAD, HPP – Petrohan village - repair of turbine

Toplofikacia - Sliven EAD - manufacturing and delivery of impellers for fan segments, elbows and transitions from wear resistant pipes and plates